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सभी बंधुओं को जय श्री रघुनाथजी री सा, जय श्री खेतेश्वर दाता री सा.. अगर आप भी समाज से जुड़ी कोई न्यूज़ हम तक पहुंचाना चाहता है तो हमारे व्हाट्सएप नंबर पर हमसे संपर्क कर सकते हैं हमारा व्हाट्सएप नंबर है 9286464911 सवाई सिंह राजपुरोहित मीडिया प्रभारी सुगना फाउंडेशन मेघलासिया


यह ब्लॉग समर्पित है!

"संत श्री 1008 श्री खेतेश्वर महाराज" एवं " दुनिया भर में रहने वाले राजपुरोहित समाज को यह वेबसाइट समर्पित है" इसमें आपका स्वागत है और साथ ही इस वेबसाइट में राजपुरोहित समाज की धार्मिक, सांस्‍क्रतिक और सामाजिक न्‍यूज या प्रोग्राम की फोटो और विडियो को यहाँ प्रकाशित की जाएगी ! और मैने सभी राजपुरोहित समाज के लोगो को एकीकृत करने का ऐसा विचार किया है ताकि आप सभी को राजपुरोहित समाज के लोगो को खोजने में सुविधा हो सके!

आप भी इसमें शामिल हो सकते हैं तो फिर तैयार हो जाईये!

"हमारे किसी भी वेबसाइट पर आपका हमेशा स्वागत है!"

वेबसाइट व्यवस्थापक
सवाई सिंह राजपुरोहित-आगरा{मिडिया प्रभारी }
सुगना फाऊंडेशन-मेघलासिया जोधपुर & आरोग्यश्री मेला समिति

मेरे साथ फेसबुक से जुडिए


Rajpurohit Gotras

Sevad is one of the major subcaste/gotra of Rajpurohits which envelops about 40 percent of Rajpurohit community. They are Rajpurohits of Rathores and were given Jagirs all over the Rathori States (Marwar, Bikaner, Kishangarh, Idar {Himmatnagar}, Ratlam, Jhabua, Sailan, Sitamau, Alirajpur. Their Gotra is Bhardwaj and Kuldevi is Bisotmata or Bishasthmata.

It is said that their ancestor Rajpurohit Devpal Dev came to the region of Marwar with Rao Sheoji Rathore from Kannauj. A family known to us as the "Gahadvala" dynasty ruled Kannauj; their best-known dynast was Raja Jaichand, their last king. The Gahadvalas were displaced from Kannauj by the invasion, in 1194 CE, of Muhammad of Ghor.It is said that Rao Sheoji, a surviving grandson of Jaichand, on pilgrimage to Dwarika along with Rajpurohit Devpal Dev around 1272 samvatsari, met a few Paliwal Brahmins at Pushkar. Pali was a flourishing and prosperous trade center en route Persia, central Asia and Middle-East and beyond. It was governed by local brahmins. The Brahmins requested Rao Sheoji to come to Pali and help them get rid of local tribal people and marauding bands, who were harassing and looting them time to time. Rao Sheoji and his fellow men defeated tribal chiefs first and eventually succeeded in conquering Pali from the brahmins as well. This was the first conquest of Rathores in present day Marwar and paved the way for building up of Rathori Raj. Then they expanded to khed near today's Balotra and slowly with time conquered Malani region from local Rajput clans.

Rajpurohit Devpal Dev was given many villages as jagir. The service lent by Rajpurohits to the state was rewarded with more jagiri lands by Rathore kingdom during the course of time.
Main Jagiri villages or Thikana of Sevad rajpurohits are: Kanodia Purohitan, Kalyanpura(Churu) Thob(Osian), Barli, Tinwari, Khichan, Kharabera Purohitan, Mehri Purohitan(Sardarshahar), Heyadesar (Nokha), Kisnasar (Nokha), Rasisar (Bikaner), Mohrai, Tunkaliya, Dhandhora, Jatiawas, Ghevda, Ghantiyala, Bavri (Phalodi), Chavandia, Bhavanda, Dhundhiyadi (Nagaur), Talkia, Rupawas, Chadwas, Dodu (Nagaur), Toliyasar, Borawar, Kuchaman, Panchdoliya, Pachava, Maroot, Purohiton Ka Bass Bikarlai,surayata etc

Pithalji Sodha(Rajpurohit) came with Rao Sheoji and Rajpurohit Devpal Dev from Kannauj, he brought the idol of Maa Nagnechaya, kuldevi of Sodha's and Rathore's. Since then Sodha Rajpurohits are main trustees of Maa Nagnechaya Temple(Nagana). Sodha's(Rajpurohit) Kuldevi Shree Nagnechaya Maa and Shree Someshwar Mahadev temples Pran-Pratishtha was performed at Mayalawas Purohitan (Ta.-Siwana,Dist.-Barmer) on 7 May 2009.

They were given villages as jagir and these are Mandli Guman Singhji, Tarsinghdi, Mayalawas ,Ludrada ,Gudda-Nal, Megawas, Deriya, Simrakhia, Rewada, and Bassi.
The gotra of Sodha rajpurohits is Bharadwaj

RAIGERS orginally they were the adopted son of rajput kingdom of chauhan dyanasty when chauhans rajpurohit was not having a child. king gave one of his son to them from there onwards these gotra came into force .They are well known for their bravery 'they originated from [Jalore].'Ashapura Mata is their kuldevi. They are seen mainly jalore- Sankarna,noon.Sirohi-varada,noon,chadual. khirodi purohitan, Sokra, Kharokara Purohitaan , Vingarla and Faalna Tunkra to name a few.

Maharishi Vashishtha is the ancestor of Rajgurus. Their Kuldevi is Kubud Devi(Adar Devi) and their prominent villages are Balera, Silore, Bisurajguran, Doli, Radwa, Vani,rajguru basni,Odwada and Langera. Balera village is sansan of rajguru& our kuldevi Koobarmataji old Tempel in balera villag. The Silore village is often spoken as "Sasan bada Silore gaanv".village chitrodi jaloreBold text
Villages of Gundesha or Gundecha are Barwa Mada, Norwa, Nimbada Mandal and Varka.nimbara is oldest and very big village among them

Manana is one of the major Rajpurohit community. Main Jagiri villages or Thikana of Manana Rajpurohits are JASOL, BAMANU(PHALODI) ,Narnadi, Manana basni,Patau,Sarwari Purohitan and Kaludi & Hingola Khurd (Pali),

Jagarwal is a subcaste/gotra of Rajpurohit caste. The gotra of Jagarwal rajpurohits is Vasistha. Brahmarshi Vasistha was Rajpurohit / Rajguru of SuryavanshiKshatriyas / Sun Dynasty. Jagarwal Rajpurohits migrated from Sesali Village of Jalore district in Rajasthan. Jagarwal Rajpurohits were Rajpurohits of Parmara Rajputs who were rulers of Jalore. Bal Rishi / Jabali Rishi was ancestor of Jagarwal Rajpurohits. Jalore / Jabalipur was named after Bal Rishi / Jabali Rishi. Bal Rishi had 12 Sasan villages (Rent free villages) including Balwara. Later on Jagarwal Rajpurohits became Rajpurohits of Sindhal Rathore rajputs. Kuldevi of Jagarwal Rajpurohits is Jageshwari Devi / Jwalamukhi Devi.

Before independence Jagarwal Rajpurohits had many Sasan Jagir villages in Marwar & Godwad region i.e. Jasnagar, Kakindra, Lambiyan, Rewatada, Veerana, Rewat, Modran, Dakatara, Bagra (Marwar), Basda Dhanji, Dhola Sasan, Akadada, Dhariya, Punadiya, Lapod, Auwa Sasan & Champa Khedi,Dhangadwas etc.
In current time Mutha's are an affluent Gotra among Rajpurohits in Rajasthan and their lineage is drawn from Shri Somoji. There are five villages of Muthas namely [[[Rungari]]], Pilowani, Vanadar, Ghenari and Shivtalav.Rungari is the oldest village among all five villages and persons of all four villages respects Rungari as big brother,and Shivtalav is at a distance whereas rest four villages share boundaries. These four villages are collectively called Shon/Sansan, which means affluent and ruling class.Rohini Maata is kuldevi of mutha,the temple of Rohini Maata is located in Vandar,From year2009 new construction for RohiniMaata temple started and it may be possible to complete in year 2010(current year).The Maataji temple development started with support of all Rajpurohit from Vandar. Muthas lay great emphasis on education and as a result, there are quite a many doctors and engineers (with a few students from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)). Many of them are into Rajasthan Administrative Service(RAS) and in various government departments. Few have settled in metros and outside India, still all keep in touch and visit their villages quite often. There is a close bounding in Muthas- in fact, They come to their villages from all over to celebrate Holi festival which lasts for a week at these places. Muthas are known in business as well. Woman literacy is very high in this "Gotra" and there are graduates and postgraduates from villages. Locality of these villages is almost same e.g. all villages are situated on the bank of river Sumeri/Bandi at the heart of Aravali Mountain. all villages have simmilar entrance via 'Perole' means Huge Gate single entrance,and have the temple of Charbhujanath, all villages have large Banyan trees in "akhriya" which give cool shadow to villagers,simalar well called "ponaga" and water tank for supply of pure drinking water.

Main Jagiri Villages or Thikana of Shreerakh rajpurohits are: Phogera,Bisukala, kanod, Girab, Goradiya.

The villages of Balwacha or Balwasa are Purada, Parakhiya.yes only two village of balwasa

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  1. Plz give me the detail of gotra shri gaud

  2. shri khetaramji maharaj se pehle aapko guru koun koun the
    unka bhi history ho to jarur btave

  3. Fake incomplete history ...rajpurohit main history is linked only with akherajot dyansity and 8 historical kotadi of akherajot family only.. and singh surname taken by whole rajpurohit camunity is by only and only akherajot clan only .

  4. Bikaner ke rajpurohit tab se lekar aaj tak desalsar aur rasisar se hi aaye hai aur aap desalsar ka pata hi bhul gaye......Saare rajpurohiton mein iklote rajpurohit jinka koi chhatri banna hai wo hai jhujjhar shri 1008 Jagram Singh Rajpurohit,Son of desalsar and Ancestor of people of Rasisaryou can see it in Junagarh fort,Bikaner... please add this in post...🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Sri goud purohit kuldevi kon he


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